Journey to the Amazon

The worlds largest rainforest comes to life. Learn all about the Amazon rainforest with our hands-on educational programming!

Cold Blooded Amazon – Learn about the creatures that call the Amazon home.

Diversity of Living Things

Discover the similarities and differences of the different types of animals that call earth home. Learn more with our hands on educational programming!

Mammals – Learn about kangaroos, sugar gliders and much more.

Animal Pens

Interact with some of our most popular and cuddly animal friends in our Animal Pens!

Our Other Friends!

Exotic rescues from around the world don’t always fit into nice categories, but we love them all the same. Meet some new and rare creatures from around the world.

Want to learn more?

Learn all about wildlife in Calgary, how you can help us rescue and care for even more animals, and how you can meet some of our furry, scaly, and crawly friends across Western Canada!

YYC Nature Centre

The YYC Nature and Education Centre connects people and animals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to education and family enjoyment. Every experience is unique and curated personally for our clients.


Donations make it possible to keep rescuing and caring for exotic animals and critters from around the world. If you can, help us out tdoay!

Events Near You

We have events coming all across Western Canada! Click here to see which ones are near you.