Poke a Porcupine! Pet a Wallaby! Meet a Tegu!
Make friends with a parrot! And many more amazing animals.
The YYC Nature Centre, Cobb’s Adventure Park, & Cobb’s Exotic Animal Rescue are bringing you a not to be missed event May 13th –
May 15th


Welcome to the Jungle!
Learn about the importance of our planet’s rainforests
Australia Down Under!
Experience some of Australia’s charismatic wildlife
Responsibly Exotic!
Responsible care of exotic pets


$16.00 in Advance
$18.00 at the door
Kids 3 and under Free.


Have a behind the scenes visit! Have a hands on exclusive experience, take photos, and ask the keepers anything. VIP Experiences are limited and held after each stage show. Choose either the Parrot and Mammal Experience or the Reptile experience. $50 in advance including admission.

Educational Program


Meet and learn about some of the largest reptiles on earth!

Educational Program


Learn about Parrots as pets, encounter a Tegu, and learn about Marsupials!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“After 2 long years of there being so little to do, it was great to be able to finally do something exciting…and something different than normal.😁

– Holly Pettitt

“We went to this show in Lethbridge this year and my 11 year old daughter loved it. She got all kinds of Wallaby snuggles, she held an alligator, armadillo, had some friendly birds perch on her head and got to see so much more. It’s really nice to get out and see everyone’s smiling faces. Trust me the VIP access is worth it!”

– Ronda Sauers

“My kids had a great time!! The got to pet many different animals! They loved having their pics taken holding a gator and a snake!!”

– Sabrina Henry

Saskatoon Event Times

May 13th
1:00 – 8:00

May 14th
10:00 – 6:00

May 15th
10:00 – 5:00

Saskatoon Additional Information

The Saskatoon event will be located at: Hall E West, Prarieland Park. 503 Ruth St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M, Canada


We are following Saskatchewan Government guidelines and do not require masks, but they are encouraged. Please respect guests and staff that feel more comfortable masking in gatherings.