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Cobbs Exotic Animal Rescue

Cobb’s Exotic Animal Rescue is a non-profit division of Cobb’s Adventure Park. Cobb’s is home to hundreds of animals including Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wallaroos, Llamas, Emus, Porcupines and more. Their mission is to give all exotic animals a safe and healthy life. Their current goal is to build an education centre as a place to house and a place to educate the public on what it means to be involved with exotic animals. Far too often people buy exotic animals without thinking of the consequences long term. Many of these animals outgrow their spaces and even sometimes outlive their owners. As a result, exotic animals are frequently sold and resold many times, and sadly many become inhumanely disposed of. Cobb’s Exotic Animal Rescue aims to be a link to the solution. Cobbs is able to provide the appropriate care and nurturing of many of these species and gives them the unique attention that they require.

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Our Partners

Cobb’s Exotic Animal Rescue is a non-profit that aims to provide an education and animal rehabilitation centre for exotic animals in Calgary, Alberta.

Cetus Automotive Repair is one of Calgary’s favourite automotive repair shops. Operating in Calgary for nearly 40 years, it is the only auto repair show where you can sometimes cuddle a baby kangaroo while you wait. And a portion of the proceeds from all auto repair goes towards supporting the animals at The Wildlife Festival.

ScreamFest is Calgary’s Scariest Halloween event. Haunted houses, carnival games, a horror film festival, photo opps, attractions and more. Feel good getting terrified knowing a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting the animals at The Wildlife Festival.

Cobb’s Adventure Park is one of Calgary’s best kept secrets. With petting zoos, games & rides, summer camps, special events and more, it is a place of wonder for all ages. This is the place that all the animals who are not attending The Wildlife Festival call home. It is the future home of CEAR’s education and animal rehabilitation centre. All the proceeds from Cobb’s Adventure Park go towards supporting the care and well-being of these animals.

Kickin’ Kangaroo Hot Sauce  isn’t just regular hot sauce, it’s SAUCE for a CAUSE! With kickin’ flavour and a touch of fire this hot sauce goes great on pizza, burgers, wings or any of your favourite dishes. And feel good knowing 100% of the proceeds goes towards supporting the animals at Cobb’s Exotic Animal Rescue & The Wildlife Festival.

Our Team