Sabrina – Red Deer

My kids had a great time!! The got to pet many different animals! They loved having their pics taken holding a gator and a snake!!


I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Thank you for bringing all these amazing animals to Red Deer!!!

Bobbie – Strathmore

Wonderful day to be had by young and old alike. Staff very knowledgeable about the animals that were there. Informative added with a little humor on the side. Family and I enjoyed ourselves very much.

Maddi, Red Deer

Absolutely incredible!! All of you animal handlers are so passionate. What a beautiful time we had at the show.

Lisa – Strathmore

Super glad we went. The staff were incredible - highly recommend!

Ronda – Lethbridge

We went to this show in Lethbridge this year and my 11-year-old daughter loved it. She got all kinds of Wallaby snuggles, she held an alligator, armadillo, had some friendly birds perch on her head and got to see so much more. It’s nice to get out and see everyone’s smiling faces. Trust me the VIP access is worth it!